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  • Your Budget Surplus... Is In Your Building

    Your Budget Surplus... Is In Your Building

    Generate SIGNIFICANT ROI Beginning On Day 1.

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  • Engineered Efficiency | Real Results

    Engineered Efficiency | Real Results

    Achieve 20%-40% Reduction In Building Operating Costs

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  • Prime Meridian Bank

    REDUCED Average Lightning Expense By Over 75%

    A 40% Annualized Return Over A 15 Year Period...
    Another Sound Investment For Prime Meridian Bank Shareholders.

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We work with everyone in your company from the CEO, COO, and CFO to indivduals on the building management team in order to ensure that every aspect of your facility is operating as efficiently as possible creating a significant and often unprecedented BUDGET SURPLUS. Best of all, we can estimate savings in advance for your peace of mind before ever executing the first step of the plan.

Ultimately.... Our Clients Don't Pay Us - Instead, kW Control Pays For Itself.


Our experience includes engineered solutions for energy monitoring, building commissioning, behavioral adjustments, lighting and mechanical upgrades, building envelope improvement, water conservation, weatherization, and renewable energy projects. kW Control provides its savings and efficiency services to government, education, commercial, and non-profit clients across the United States.

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Our work and the skill-set we assemble for a given project, are managed by our certified energy managers, technicians, construction and installation professionals. This broad range of experience in energy efficiency, technologies, and services assures the highest quality analysis, design and project installation.

No matter how big or small your project scope, kW Control makes realizing significant operations savings as easy as turning on a light switch. Turn on kW Control's vast array of knowledge and experience by clicking here to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you find new surplus in your operations budget. Click here to get started and learn more.

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Reduce Your Impact

Today, large organizations are feeling the pressure to put forward a more environmentally focused operations strategy. Through the help of kW Control your organization can achieve the objective of becoming more environmentally friendly while actually reducing operating costs instead of increasing them. Achieving great PR, doing something positive for the environment, and saving money are all possible at the same time with the help of kW Control.

Client Success Stories

Prime Meridian Bank

Prime Meridian Bank

Over 75% Savings: Reduced average lighting expense by over 75%.

Prime Meridian was able to save over 75% in utility costs for the retrofitted fixtures. With an annualized return of over 40% over a 15 year period, this simple project provides an unusually sound investment for its shareholders.

State of Florida

State of Florida

Energy Management and Measurement: Real-time energy measurement dashboard.

The State of Florida is serious about transparency, accountability, and initiative when it comes to stewardship of taxpayer dollars and the environment. Now, SEMP can demonstrate this with undeniable real-time accuracy.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

Projected 20% Savings In Guest Room Consumption: Reduced HVAC costs through occupancy sensors and automated controls.

Under no circumstance can guest comfort and satisfaction be compromised. A winning solution for cost and comfort was achieved with integrated occupancy controls to eliminate wasted HVAC cost when guests have vacated the room for a minimum period of time.